When Mark walks 1000 miles away from homelessness,

will you be beside him?

Donate to Mark’s Fund


30 years in and out of homelessness, the consequence of a sad and desperate childhood that not many of us would get through without leading a young adult life of depression, isolation and fear and then addictions that would take a lifetime to overcome without support or friendship.

Donations today will all add up to Mark being empowered to finally lead a life that he says he “could never dream of”.

This is Mark’s chance for a new vocational career as Hills and Moorland leader so that he can go onto help others as a “Beacon of Hope”.

And all of us, including YOU can be part of his journey, watch his story unfold and be there every step of the way for him.

Will you be there for him?  Will you walk beside him in the fells and moorlands too?

Please if you can find it in your heart to make a token donation today YOU can help Mark get off to a great start. If we can raise sufficient funds before Christmas that would be even nicer for him as you can imagine.