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We currently have a new opportunity to support our local community in an allotment space which in turn further enables us to work closely with more homeless people encouraging them to do some volunteer work whilst enjoying a coffee and a cake and some nice friendly chat in a relaxed fun environment.

Lache Community Allotment

Outdoor Muckers is very proud to be able to GIVE BACK to the local community


Sanctuary’s Growing Spaces initiative, is delivered in partnership with Hoole Allotments and Gardens Association (HAGA) and makes use of former urban garage sites, turning them into viable and sustainable community allotments

It's only one little space... BUT it's OUR PLACE!

And we know this is just the beginning and we know we will be doing MORE in the allotment space around it



A Place for Us

A time for the homeless persons we support to potter, chat, share a coffee and some cake, learn new things and make new friends

A place of Growing Spaces


Local kids and Graffiti Dave did a make-over for the steel container on site

Gets a big thumbs up from us WOW!

A place to think about natural harmony

In Nature.. flowers herbs and veggies work well together. So let’s do companion planting!


Some are best suited to each other so there’s much to learn

A place to help the pollinating insects

Nothing will thrive unless we protect our bees, butterflies and other insects



A place to make our own compost



A place to INSPIRE the kids


A fairy village full of bug hotels?

We most definitely think so!

Well where do we begin other than at the very beginning?

Today I was able to visit the Lache Community Allotments in order to register for one of the small raised beds for us to care for and nurture whilst at the same time providing a nice place, for me to spend some time with the homeless persons that we are supporting.

The temptation is to look at things just as they are and maybe run a mile, or make a decision to think about things as they can be and WILL BE. I’ll take the latter thank-you very much 🙂

The raised beds are certainly looking in need of very much TLC for sure. However it is winter and perhaps when the warmer weather arrives there might be more people in the local community beavering happily away. After all this space IS for the local community, the families and the elderly residents all of whom are welcomed to either take care of one of the raised beds or to simply join in as and when they hold open fun days.

The thinking goes like this though… IF we can inspire more people to come along and enjoy their community space more often then that will be a job well done! I hope you agree.