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Homelessness. It can happen to anyone

Leading Causes of Homelessness

UK Poverty 2017 highlights that overall, 14 million people live in poverty in the UK – over one in five of the population. This is made up of eight million working-age adults, four million children and 1.9 million pensioners. 8 million live in families...

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What its like being in charity shared housing

  I know I should've been grateful to have been given a roof over my head and a potential to make something out of myself but in all honesty living under the same roof with and having to share facilities with people whose lives are still chaotic really can push you...

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Addiction. Thinking differently

When it comes to homeless people on the streets we are currently in a state of mass confusion with lots of people not knowing what is the right thing to do anymore. Many say don't give money to people on the streets because they will only use it to buy...

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How benefit sanctions hit the poorest

There's no doubt about our benefits system only sets people up to fail. It seems they are hell bent on making things extremely difficult for people when really they should be supporting them back into work by treating them as unique individuals with many...

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Karl and Brian. 30 Years Homeless

Still out there without a home to call their own ....... and the years just keep on rolling by Karl and Brian. They are are very tired and very busy travelling around the country to find some work that provides a short term roof over their heads and some...

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How a split from my wife left me homeless

I was homeless for nearly a year and I thought that was tough BUT when they finally helped me and found me a place to live, life just got even tougher. Again! I became homeless after my partner and I decided to separate and things went downhill thereafter. Having two...

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