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I’ve always believed in the principle of giving and receiving

but this weekend Outdoor Muckers has received an amazing offer a substantial amount of money on condition that it is to be GIVEN away to help other small outreach organisations helping those experiencing homelessness in the UK.

Currently we are being advised to work on a plan whereby the funds we have are used for maximum impact by helping and supporting these smaller organisations and making sure this will actually benefit EVERYBODY, including Outdoor Muckers and the homeless people we are helping too.

We are now going to leverage ourselves into a position where the current donation can continue to do good work for a long time to come by supporting the smaller organisations in other ways too.

One Step at a TIME in the right direction as always!


Step One

Create a cash award for small non-profits.  Make this a public space so people can see the organisation’s reasons for how they will use this award.  Help and support each organisation to market their “entry” out to social media hence gaining upvotes/likes and more shares.

Step Two

Form an independent panel of judges at least 4 weeks before closing date. Transparency and fairness of vital importance.

Step Three

There are no losers and winners!  After close and the GIVING of main AWARD open up a section for small grant applications. These grants should be awarded to help smaller organisations with things like vehicle and equipment maintenance or purchase.