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  1. ArgyllSHARE

    Thank you for your positive words, really appreciate the support people are showing for our project.
  2. ArgyllSHARE

    Thank you for your support, much appreciated
  3. ArgyllSHARE

    Yes, it's a complex issue and very different to urban homelessness. In some ways the towns and cities can be slightly less difficult for people who are homeless because of the resources available.
  4. ArgyllSHARE

    Hi, Thank you for your positive words, much appreciated. I am currently doing the serious research about rural homelessness, I think it has always been there, but it is more like hidden homelessness, and people in rural areas appear to feel more of a stigma attached to this issue. Our aim is to chip away at that stigma and provide a positive landscape for people to talk about their experiences. Education is the key.
  5. ArgyllSHARE

    ArgyllSHARE aims to improve literacy skills and raise awareness of homelessness through creativity. We create active roles in schools and colleges: SHARE Ambassadors, SHARE Poet Laureates, SHARE Literacy Champions and SHARE Community Champions. We also produce two first class anthologies of creative work each year: SHARE FlashFiction50 and the ArgyllSHARE Anthology (Rural Homelessness) We are completely NotForProfit and would use funds solely to support production of our anthologies (publishing costs) and production of our flyers, posters and badges that promote our project, plus travel costs to support traveling to schools and colleges to hold workshops. Our mission is simple: to raise awareness about homelessness and challenge and change negative perceptions about people who are homeless. website