Benefits sanctions are crippling the poorest

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There’s no doubt about our benefits system only sets people up to fail.

It seems they are hell bent on making things extremely difficult for people when really they should be supporting them back into work by treating them as unique individuals with many different needs. Considering jobs are so hard to come by and employers have high expectations of people even though they don’t intend to give them enough pay to have a decent standard of living is it any wonder that more and more people are unable to cope, some even losing the will to live, staying homeless on the streets?

What would you do if you lost your job and lost your home, knowing that you had to rely on help from a system that for almost everybody serves only to increase anxiety and treats everyone as a number that they only need to put enough pressure on to get them out of the system.

Personally I find it shocking and heart breaking.


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Do you really think anybody cares?

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Ill stick to the forum guidelines and not mention any political party names like CONSERVATIVES for example but I think they are playing a very shrewd game of social cleansing sorry to have to say it! Even when a person/family needs to go to food banks people are still supplying the food banks with cheap stuff from the supermarkets. It's a lose lose vicious cycle now

If we all thought of ways to live as minimally as possible and consider where we buy our products from or better still find a way to grow our own and trade with each other and real farmers, then we might just win because we can cripple the BIG greedy companies that are holding us to ransom. Trouble is when we are broke we have to buy cheap and that in turn feeds the greedy ones.

We need a radical rethink how to survive and CHANGE THINGS!

You're RIGHT so don't let anybody tell you otherwise!

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