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Thinking Differently About ADDICTION

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When it comes to homeless people on the streets we are currently in a state of mass confusion with lots of people not knowing what is the right thing to do anymore.

drug addict

Many say don’t give money to people on the streets because they will only use it to buy drugs and feed their addiction.  Most might say give it to the charities who can provide food and places to stay in hostels. Many might say “well have you seen the state of those hostels”?  Many say that people are on the streets because it’s easy to make money that way! Many might not be genuinely homeless but are scammers. Many say it’s the government policies that are at fault. Others say give people jobs and a house that will solve it all.

The list is endless and I know there is much more you can add to this.

But I recently came upon this video which helped to clarify my own thinking about homelessness and addictions. 

The opposite of addiction is NOT sobriety. The Opposite of addiction is CONNECTION

I really do believe that friendship and connectedness, peer support, having something valuable to do and be part of is the way to make a realistic and positive difference in one of the most challenging societal problems of our time. But then that’s my belief and I respect that you might think differently.

We live in world where people think they have hundreds of friends but in reality we are disconnected more than ever now. So have a listen to this as it’s well worth a few minutes of your time.



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I don't blow bubbles that often but when I do they're BIG ones

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that's well worth a listen.

To be honest with you,  talk to any person who is in recovery or has overcome addictions and they all say what an amazing lifestyle they have now, keeping themselves active doing things they love and being around good friends and a loving family.  And many of them have fulfilled their lives reaching out and helping others which gives them that real sense of purpose and feeling valued.

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