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  1. Projects and Ideas

    Projects FAQs

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    As always we value and respect the contributions from our community members who are included in all our plans to IMPROVE LIVES.

    A place to ask any questions appropriate to our projects which are giving a hand-up to help our friends living in the poverty-homeless trap in UK





    As always we value and respect the contributions from our community members who are included in all our plans to IMPROVE LIVES.

    Acts of kindness help our homeless friends in UK and Ireland. There are so many ways to help homeless people but we need to respect everyones safety, especially the vulnerable persons we are trying to help.

    This is a general community discussion forum where ideas can be added and refined.




    As always we value and respect the contributions from our community members who are included in all our plans to IMPROVE LIVES.

    A place to discuss the many myths surrounding people who are experiencing homelessness in the UK and Ireland



    As always we value and respect the contributions from our community members who are included in all our plans to IMPROVE LIVES.

    A place to talk about careers and jobs in the great outdoors.

    More and more people know the value of getting back in touch with nature for their health. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.  RESPECT for nature is VITAL as together we can do wonderful things.

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  2. Solidarity Awards

    WHY Your Org

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    Tell us why your small outreach organisation should have this award.

    What would it mean to you and how would it help the homeless people that you are helping?


    Solidarity Help

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    A private forum where small non-profits can ask for advise and help from each other.

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  3. Kind Competitions


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  4. It all begins with YOU

  5. On Skills and Knowledge


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    A place to share and learn the basic skills for bushcrafting and survival


  6. Sharing Stories

    Member Articles

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    A place for members to add longer articles.

    The information contained in these articles is of a general nature and is not a substitute for professional advice.

    (We will add sub categories when we have sufficient articles to do so)

    Let's Talk

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    A friendly place to talk about anything outdoors and friendship related and to chip in and help each other. 9_9

    ( please note as this forum builds we will begin to categorize for ease of use, but in the meantime have fun )


    “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Every outdoors business was inspired somehow.

    These are the stories of all the wonderful outdoors related businesses that we love


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    How close have you been to homelessness?   They say many of us are only one paycheck away from being homeless. A place to share your personal experience

  7. Welcome


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    Just a few things to consider to make your membership with us nice n' safe



    A place to ask about how to do stuff. Get answers from the admin, mods and community.

  8. Private forums

    Private forum for Founding Members ONLY.

    Together we are discussing and implementing various projects to help our friends who are homeless in UK and Ireland to help themselves out of the homeless-poverty trap.

    All projects when defined and ready for launch will be announced on site.

    A private forum for our volunteers/buddies.


    Stay tuned in your private sponsors forum for EXCLUSIVE fun and free to enter competitions and private meetups.

    Want some clues?