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Friendship. Nature. Improving Lives

We are part of Outside In

collective group of VCFS and Statutory organisations

tackling homelessness and complex needs across the West Cheshire Area

We Facilitate Vocational Training

empowering people to help themselves out of homelessness in the UK

We rely entirely on the power of good hearted people who value friendship and nature, who with their kindness and generosity will be part of the stories of the people whose lives we are helping to improve.

Please Support a Project

No Home - No Job - No Home

How can people help themselves out of this MESS?


One of the GREATEST things you can do to help others, is not just to share and give what you have, but to help them discover what THEY have within themselves to help themselves.

Rita Zahara

A Social Enterprise

Always Giving Back

Outdoor Muckers is a Not- for Profit Community Interest Company (CIC) Social Enterprise trading for the benefit of homeless persons in UK & Ireland.


We provide complete bursaries for single homeless persons in the UK for vocational training in outdoors careers sector.


what is a community interest company?


We trade to generate an income for the sole purpose of giving a “hand up” to people experiencing poverty and homelessness in the UK and Ireland in the following ways


  • peer to peer fundraising by members of our community
  • a social networking community (membership model)
  • sales of products and services
  • provision of advertising and promotional space for small businesses

Investing in People. Investing in the Future


One Person. One Project. One Step at a Time


As a Social Enterprise our aim is provide opportunity for people to participate in work based training and to encourage increasing personal responsibility as an aid to a person helping themselves out of poverty-homelessness in the UK.

We use 50% of our income for the provision of bursaries and conditional cash transfers to enable people to access temporary accommodation, training, mentoring and support towards sustainable careers in the “Great Outdoors”

We will then reinvest 100% of our profits back into our community for growth and aquisition of assets to further benefit our community and beneficiaries.

Outdoors Matters


We facilitate and fund support for training in outdoors careers/activities/pursuits for people experiencing homelessness.

Student of Life. (SOL)

The journey forward.


We believe that Nature really DOES provide everything that we need. So we help people to TAP into HER generosity and diversity….. to understand her and to live, work and share in the abundant health and beauty that she provides.

Nature can improve lives mentally, physically and spiritually and outdoors exercise is now widely accepted as being beneficial for almost every ailment.

Nature’s  “outdoors occupations”  are sustainable, and one of the fastest growing industries as more and more people understand and want to take advantage of all the benefits of being in the great outdoors.

There are 1000s of careers that involve the Great Outdoors. Based upon a person’s interests and previous experience, we “Give a Hand-Up” enabling a person to start a fresh life.

Friendship Matters

We believe that everybody needs somebody and that GREAT FRIENDS who are there to support our Students’ of Life as they strive to help themselves out of homelessness, are very important.


Being Connected

Friendship and peer support can have a massive and very valuable impact on persons who are journeying from poverty and homelessness to sustainable careers. So we know that it’s important that we provide the means for point of first and consecutive/ongoing contact and connection.

Hence we have built a safe and fun community network where people who value friendship, kindness and nature, can connect and share those kind words of inspiration and support, not only for our Students of Life, but for each other too.

Valuing our Beneficiaries

Students of Life

Homelessness is not a label.  It is simply an unfortunate experience that can affect any of us at any time.

Our beneficiaries are real people with real needs and with diverse backgrounds, cultural beliefs, and often with many personal challenges to overcome just like any of us. They deserve the respect and support, and they deserve to be able to make choices in their lives too.  Enabling people to “help themselves” out of poverty and homelessness is widely recognized to be the most enduring positive way to prevent people from falling back into the same things that may have contributed to their homelessness in the first place. So we are empowering a person to “work” and to feel like a valued and contributing member of society, laying foundations that allow for growth and diversification in other fields to occur.

The people that we are helping with a “hand-up” to help themselves out of poverty and homelessness are single persons.

The single homeless we can support may be persons who are newly homeless and have approached organisations to seek help with accommodation jobs or training etc, or they may be persons who have been offered temporary accommodation by an organisation but cannot “move on” because there is no suitable affordable housing to rent, thus taking up the space of other newly homeless persons who are coming into the system on a daily basis.

We work closely with other organisations (who are usually first port of call for any person who is homeless) in different regions. We will keep each organisation informed as and when we have sufficient funds available to help a person to access our training and temporary accommodaton provision.

Valuing You as a Stakeholder

Individuals or Small Businesses


Our members (stakeholders) are very important to us.

We endeavor to keep our stakeholders fully informed and as well as provide access to year end financials and social impact we invite everyone to have their say on matters of projects development and implementation.

We do not rely on government grants or donations so we provide a great place for individuals and businesses to be part of a like minded social network community that values friendship and nature for a voluntary and very nominal monthly investment.

Our safe and well moderated community is a great way for everyone to connect and network, make new friends, get new customers and DO SOME GOOD, and much more.

Any fundraising we do enables members and non-members alike to donate and to participate in.

We utilize “peer to peer” fundraising which is great use of our resources, keepings any costs of marketing very minimal, but we know that lot of people like to do something that keeps them more actively involved in helping our beneficiaries.

Transparency Honesty Realness and and a sincere wish to help people.  That’s what makes us TICK!

Individuals as stakeholders can be involved in supporting our beneficiaries every step of the way because each beneficiary (we call them Students of Life) will be supported to openly share his/her experiences on the social network platform on a minimum of twice weekly basis. There will also be many opportunities to meet up in groups and share in his/her journey in the real. This benefits everybody and especially our “Students of Life” who need all the friendship & support they can get as they venture into very sociable careers in the Great Outdoors.

Small Businesses as Stakeholders. We facilitate and fund training and experiences that are beneficial to our “Students of Life” as they journey from the experience of homelessness to a sustainable career in the great outdoors. IF your business offers training courses, coaching mentoring, assessments and recognised qualifications then we would like to work with you. Make sure you join us a member of our community today!

Investing in Quality


Every business has it’s strengths.

One of our strengths lies in the ability to understand that we cannot do it all by ourselves and so we are building a pool of great resources and “other professionals” that can do things that we might not be able to do.



Professionals can offer quality training and support, assessments and awards.

We utilize these skills and expertise provided by our member businesses, and provide the funds directly to them in respect of any of the goods and services that we need to invest in on behalf of our beneficiaries. We would never employ services of unqualified persons or in any way put our “Students of Life” in any risky situations.  As we help our students to access quality support and mentoring safety and worthwhile positive outcomes are assured every step of the way.



Everyone is different

It is also important that our business support circle understands the possible unique needs of our “Students of Life” and that they are in a position to become not just mentors but friends too. We  make sure that Outdoor Muckers also has excellent relationships and rapport with our business members, especially as we may need to deal with several challenges as and when they arise.